Obama Readies Economic Package

President Obama heads to the Midwest for an economy-related tour with less than two months until congressional elections: He speaks at a Labor Day rally in Milwaukee Monday and plans an economic speech in Cleveland Wednesday. He is scheduled to hold a news conference at the White House Friday. Late last week, Obama said at the White House that “new ideas” to boost the economy and help increase job hiring are on the way. Armed with the “positive” news that private payrolls climbed 67,000 in August, according to the Labor Department, the president will be promoting his policies in Wisconsin and Ohio. “I will be addressing a broader package of new ideas next week,” Obama said, adding that job numbers are still “not nearly good enough.” On top of these new measures, the president is asking Congress to help small businesses by passing legislation that includes $12 billion in tax breaks and $30 billion worth of aid to free up credit. The question, of course, is whether the White House can turn these ideas into a political reality.