Obama Positions Boehner As Foil

John who? With the midterms quickly approaching and the fight for party control over Congress kicking into high gear, President Obama has pulled a new name into the national conversation, hoping to position him as a Republican foil for debate. In his Wednesday speech in Cleveland, Ohio Obama gave House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio considerable attention, mentioning his name ten times. "You need a device if you're going to have a debate, because you can't have a debate against a vacuum,” said a senior White House aide. “Boehner provided an opportunity for that.” But in order for Obama's strategy to work he has to effectively make Boehner a household name and make sure voters know exactly who the man is. According to a CNN poll released the day Obama talked up his Republican foe, 55 percent of Americans either have no opinion about Boehner or don't know who he is.