Obama Plans Green White House

Barack Obama told ABC News he spent no time worrying about being assassinated. “'Part of it because I've got this pretty terrific crew of Secret Service guys that follow me everywhere I go. But also because I have a deep religious faith and faith in people that carries me through the day,” he said. “And my job is just to make sure I'm doing my job, and if I do, I can't worry about that kind of stuff.” In other revelations, Sasha and Malia, who will be attending the tony Sidwell Friends School, are expected to help around the White House, including making their own beds. Malia expects to do her homework at the bureau in the Lincoln bedroom. Obama will make the White House as energy efficient as possible, which may include him turning lights out. “I do that in my current house and there's no reason why I wouldn't do it in my next one,” he said. As for smoking, he confessed he had taken a few sly puffs on the campaign trail. But he demurred on whether has he now given up for good.