Obama Not Told Germans Caught U.S. Spy

President Obama was not told that a German intelligence employee was arrested for spying for the U.S. until the news became public. The White House is now trying to determine who in the Central Intelligence Agency has been failing to relay information to the president. (Obama didn't even know until after his phone call with Chancellor Merkel.) On Wednesday, German authorities investigated another possible spy for the U.S. and searched his Berlin-area apartment. No arrests have been made, but the person in question worked for the "military field," according to German publications. German and U.S. relations were already under tension due to the Snowden leak last year, which revealed the NSA had spied on Merkel. Regarding this potential spy bust, the spokesman for the German chancellor said “If the accusations are proven true, then it is a very serious course of events which stands clearly in opposition to what the chancellor understands as trustworthy cooperation between services and from partners."