Obama More Popular Than Ever

Though a new WSJ/NBC poll shows a record 70% dissatisfied with the economy, 60% of American approve of President Barack Obama and 41% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction. Before the 2008 election, only 12% believed America was moving in the right direction; in mid-January 26% thought so. This is the most positively Americans have rated the nation's future since January 2004. 44%, however, say the country is on the wrong track. One Democratic pollster says the number reflects how modern America is "apprehensive about the future, but willing to undertake big, bold policy initiatives." Democrats and African-Americans are the post positive, but Independents' and Republicans' views are increasingly negative. Nonetheless, 80% approve of Obama's Iraq plan, and while approval is still high on the president's healthcare plans, it's waning, likely due to apprehension about taxes and spending. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also achieved an all-time approval rating high in the WSJ/NBC poll.