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Obama, Medvedev Sign Nuke Treaty

President Obama signed an arms-reduction treaty with Russia's Dmitry Medvedev in Prague Thursday morning. “I believed then–as I do now–that the pursuit of that goal will move us further beyond the Cold War, strengthen the global non-proliferation regime, and make the United States, and the world, safer and more secure," Obama said after signing the treaty, adding, "One of the steps that I called for last year was the realization of this treaty, so I am glad to be back in Prague today.” Both leaders hope the deal could put pressure on other countries who wish to develop nuclear weapons. The treaty requires the two superpowers to cut the number of nuclear weapons in their arsenals by 30 percent. Obama also meets Thursday with the leaders of 11 eastern and central European countries. Diplomats say the gathering is an effort by the U.S. to show that warming of relations with Russia won't result in a cooling on other fronts.