Obama Knocks Wall Street at Fundraiser

President Obama took a few digs at Wall Street even as he raked in as much as $3 million at a Manhattan fundraiser for the Democratic Party on Tuesday night. There was tension in the room as Obama spoke, because many of the guests—who paid $30,400 per couple to attend the event—work on Wall Street. Nonetheless, the president did not hold back criticism of the financial industry, saying the country should not have to face calamity because of “reckless speculation and deceptive practices and short sightedness and self-interestedness from a few.” He continued, amid audience chuckles: “So if there are members of the financial industry in the audience today, I would ask that you join us in passing what are necessary reforms. Don’t fight them.” Obama also urged Congress to pass health-care reform, and for Democrats to not let “intramural battles” get in the way of pushing through the legislation.