Obama in Gitmo Pickle

President Obama will have to use all his powers of eloquence tomorrow in a speech explaining why he believes Guantanamo must be closed and the reasons behind his recent decisions on detainees that have left both sides of the aisle angry. Democrats blocked $80 million today needed to close the facility; arguing that Obama had presented no clear plan addressing the political and security risks of transferring suspected terrorists to U.S. prisons. FBI Director Robert Mueller testified to Congress today about those risks, saying the transferred detainees could organize attacks on the U.S., while a leaked Pentagon memo reports that 1 in 7 transferred Guantanamo detainees have rejoined terrorism. Obama faces criticism from the right for jeopardizing national security and from the left for wanting to continue to detain an estimated 100 prisoners without charging them with war crimes. On Tuesday, a federal court sided with the administration to allow the government to indefinitely detain the captives.