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Obama Gives Perks to Donors

President Obama has been reportedly showing gratitude towards the top Democratic fundraisers with VIP access to the White House, classified conferences with top advisers, and exclusive invitations to key speeches and town-hall meetings. During his first nine months in office, those who have pledged $30,400 personally or bundled $300,000 before the 2010 midterm election have been given White House exclusives in return, according to internal Democratic National Committee documents. One generous donor was allegedly given a birthday visit to the Oval Office, while another was able to use the White House bowling alley with his family. Those closest to Obama were reportedly invited to watch a movie in the red-walled theater. Though presidential aides said there has been no organized effort to use the White House to amplify fundraising, they did acknowledge that the DNC has paid for some events at the presidential mansion. “Contributing does not guarantee a ticket to the White House, nor does it prohibit the contributor from visiting,” said Dan Pfeiffer, deputy White House communications director. “This administration has across the board set the toughest ethics standards in history.”