‘Obama Girl’ Undecided

The woman who became known as the “Obama girl” for a YouTube video where she proclaimed “I’ve got a crush … on Obama” says she is undecided on whom she will vote for in 2012 presidential election. “I’m still keeping my eyes and ears open,” said Amber Lee Ettinger, 29. While Ettinger is quick to say she “certainly doesn’t dislike Obama,” she says she wants “what everybody in this country wants. I want this country to be better. I want everybody to have jobs and for gas prices to go down.” Ettinger rose to fame in 2008 with the provocative “Obama girl” video, which the president said in 2007 had upset his daughters. While Ettinger said at the time she didn’t take the president’s comments personally, she says now that it hurts that Obama never thanked her for the video.