'Obama Flew Too Close to the Sun'

Add one more voice to the chorus of backlash against Barack Obama. In a blistering op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, author and professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Fouad Ajami slams the president’s ambitious agenda as a mark of “hubris,” adding, “Mr. Obama flew too close to the sun.” The problem, Ajami writes, stems from the sky-high hopes Obama encouraged voters to attach to his presidency by voters in the 2008 campaign, which also allowed for a rapid decline in public opinion. Ajami also questions comparisons between Obama and John F. Kennedy, who he says “never fell for his own mystique” whereas Obama is "smitten with his own specialness," concluding that in the midst of fresh terror attempts, the faltering health-care bill, and Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, “the spell is broken” for Obama.