Tell All

Obama Campaign Manager Spills

In case you're regretting not joining the Obama campaign, now you can feel like you were there. David Plouffe, Obama's tight-lipped campaign manager, is ready to open up. He's signed a seven-figure deal with Viking for a book, Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory, to be released next fall. The Associated Press reports the author may get $2 million for the tell-all. The book will chronicle the entire course of the campaign—from the primaries to Obama's epic victory—and detail strategic decisions along the way. "Together, we endeavor to do proper justice to the unprecedented 2008 presidential campaign, the wonderful staffers and volunteers who made it happen, all the amazing twists and turns that made it a riveting event for the entire world, and the amazing abilities and character of our candidate," Plouffe said of the book.