Obama Aide Reinstated

Days after FBI agents raided Vivek Kundra’s former office at the District of Columbia’s technology department, he’s back on the job as President Obama’s chief information officer. Kundra, who’d taken a leave of absence in the wake of the raid, was not a target of the raid, but his former employee Yusuf Acar has been charged with bribery. The New York Times’ Caucus blog reports Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia, a former boss of Kundra’s, pleaded his case to the White House to get him reinstated. “Mr. Kaine said that since Mr. Kundra was not under investigation, he should be reinstated,” The Times reports. “Otherwise, he said, Mr. Kundra’s reputation would be ruined and the administration would miss out on having someone with valuable skills help with its important task of making the government more transparent.”