NYT Heavyweights Duke It Out

Things are getting a little testy at The New York Times, where opinion page macher Paul Krugman would like to have a word with Andrew Ross Sorkin, the prince of the paper’s financial journalists. In a column Monday, Sorkin wrote that Krugman “argued that Wall Street was occupied by the walking dead, and that no matter how much money we threw at the banks, they would eventually topple the system all over again and cause a domino effect worldwide.” Krugman begged to differ. "If you want to say that the advocates of nationalization were excessively pessimistic about the prospects for a light-touch bank strategy, fine. But caricaturing their position, making it sound far more extreme than it actually was, is definitely not OK," he wrote at his Times blog. The post’s title? “Andrew Ross Sorkin Owes Several People an Apology.”