NYPD Detective Used Body Cam to Make a Video of His Genitals: Report

An NYPD detective allegedly used another cop’s body-worn camera to make an explicit video of his genitals, according to the New York Daily News.  Det. Specialist Raymond Williams, of the 79th Precinct in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, was suspended due to allegations about this tawdry tape. Williams waited for an unsuspecting colleague to leave his camera unattended. When this fellow cop went to use the restroom, Williams “took possession of another member of the service’s department issued body camera and recorded a thirty-two second video consisting of him intentionally exposing his testicles while in the 79 Precinct Special Operations Office,” a police document cited by the News states. While this cop didn’t report Williams, a female civilian employee in the NYPD’s Legal Bureau found the cringe-worthy clip on Nov. 20. She informed the Internal Affairs Bureau. The NYPD said in an email that the “incident is under investigation.” The detectives’ union did not immediately respond to an email for comment.