NYC Subway May Go to NJ

Now that the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie killed a plan to build a commuter rail tunnel from his state to Manhattan, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has started working on a plan to extend the No. 7 subway train to Secaucus, NJ. Like the old proposal, extending the No. 7 train would double the number of trains traveling between the two states during peak hours. But unlike the old plan, it wouldn’t involve costly condemnations or tunneling, and it would cost just $5.3 billion, about half as much as the original proposal. However, it doesn’t look like the city will snare the $3 billion in federal money allotted to the old Hudson tunnel project, and it’s unclear whether New Jersey will redirect the money they’d planned to spend on the tunnel. Neither New York Governor David Patterson nor Christie have been formally presented with the plan, but both administrations have said they’re curious to hear more.