Occupy Oakland

NYC Protesters March to City Hall

New York's Wall Street protesters marched past City Hall this evening chanting "march with Oakland" to show support for those who've clashed with the California city's police. A protester who reportedly fractured his skull in the Occupy Oakland demonstrations late Tuesday was a former Marine, two veterans' groups said. Scott Olsen left the Marines last year after serving two tours. An official in the group Iraq Veterans Against the War said that Olsen was hit in the head with a “police projectile” while “participating” in the march. Photographs of Olsen have spread on the Internet, allegedly directly after the confrontation. He is also allegedly seen at the end of this video. The protests boiled over Tuesday after demonstrators returned to the camp site after being evicted during the day. Several police officers guarded the padlocked City Hall as Wall Street protesters marched by and went back to Zuccotti Park.