NYC Cafe: Starbucks Stole Our Unicorn Drink

A Brooklyn cafe that invented the “Unicorn Latte” months before Starbucks’ “Unicorn Frappuccino” came into the world is claiming that the coffee giant ripped off their idea. The colorful Starbucks drink garnered an incredible amount of social-media attention last month when the drink was introduced for a limited run. According to court documents, The End began selling the Unicorn Latte in December and has had a pending trademark on the name since January. Neither of the drinks contain coffee, but The End’s product is made from natural ingredients like algae, ginger root, and dates. By contrast, the Starbucks drink is made from artificial sweeteners and milk. The cafe has asked for a public apology and an unspecified amount of compensation. Starbucks has said the lawsuit is bogus and claims it is without merit.