NY Official Caught in Racist Rant

A Buffalo, New York City council hopeful, Joseph A. Mascia, is coming under harsh criticism after the release of an audio recording of a minute-long profanity-laced rant. According to The Buffalo News, Mascia, who was complaining to a former employee about Mayor Byron Brown, Council President Darius Pridgen, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, and his former boss Dawn Sanders-Garrett, used a racial slur eight times in one minute. “The f*cking n*****s, man,” he allegedly says on the tape. “Once they get power, forget about it. Forget it. They want it all.” Mayor Brown has called for Mascia, a white man, to step down from his post at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, but he has refused. “The statement was totally out of character,” Mascia wrote in an email apology. “I have deep regard and respect for the individuals mentioned in the recording and apologize to them personally and profusely. It is my hope that they will accept my sincerest apologies and forgive me for my weakness in that moment.”