NY Lawyer Kicked Out of Office Space After Racist Rant

Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, who was caught on camera berating workers at a sandwich shop for speaking Spanish, has been booted from his office space in New York City—and has also been involved in other racist confrontations, according to BuzzFeed News. Corporate Suites, the company that Schlossberg leased office space from, said it “found Mr. Schlossberg’s statements offensive and contrary to our community norms” and kicked him out. The website also found other recordings of Schlossberg confronting people, often in “Make America Great Again” hats and Breitbart shirts, on four separate occasions over the past two years. He was seen protesting against Muslim American activist Linda Sarsour, confronting anti-Trump protesters for “insulting my president,” and targeting foreigners on a subway train and the sidewalk. This comes after Schlossberg was caught on film Thursday yelling at workers for speaking Spanish and threatening to call ICE on them in a Midtown cafe.