NPR: O’Keefe Misleadingly Edited Tapes

This is supposed to come as a surprise? NPR says James O’Keefe misleadingly edited undercover video of NPR executive Ron Schiller—and it has support from an unlikely place: Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze. After watching O’Keefe’s full two-hour tape, The Blaze’s editor in chief said, “There was certainly a lot there for conservatives and people of faith and Tea Party activists to be bothered about — but we felt like that wasn't the whole story. Tere were a lot of other things said that may have been complimentary to conservatives and to people of faith and Tea Party activists in the same conversations." Among O’Keefe’s offenses: editing the footage so that Schiller’s laughter upon greeting the undercover reporters appeared to be his response to a comment about spreading sharia law; cutting all traces of Schiller’s repeated insistence that the undercover reporters could not buy news coverage; and the omission of flattering comments about conservatives.