Northeast Awaits Weekend Snowstorm

Flakes have already begun to fall in the Washington D.C. area, but the Mid-Atlantic region can expect far more than flurries over the weekend with an estimated two to three feet of snow. The storm will likely move north into Philadelphia by Friday night and will continue northward into New York City by Saturday morning. Heavy snow will continue throughout Saturday and is predicted to stop by evening. Flights are likely to be grounded during the night and into Sunday and both car and train travel will probably be affected as well. Areas of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey will get over a foot of snow, while other northern and eastern portions of the Mid-Atlantic states will receive between two and three feet. New York City will be the least affected, expecting two to four inches. The snow may also hit the Ohio Valley. Blizzard warnings are currently in effect for parts of New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, and Baltimore.