North Korea Threatens War

North Korea is so unhappy about its new U.N. sanctions, it's willing to go to war over them, prompting South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is he's traveling to D.C. on Monday to meet with President Obama. Reacting to escalating nuclear tests and enrichment programs in the communist nation, the United Nations Security Council imposed an embargo on North Korean shipping. In response, the bellicose nation vowed to declare war on any country that intercepted a ship. President Lee has instructed his ministers to act "resolutely and squarely to cope" with the unruly North; the South's Unification Ministry issued a statement again coaxing their northern neighbor to set aside the weapons and resume reunification talks. On NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, Joe Biden regarded Kim Jong-Il with resigned anger: "God only knows what he wants... We can't guess his motives. We just have to deal with the reality that a North Korea that is either proliferating weapons or missiles... is a serious danger and threat to the world." Some speculate that Kim Jong-Il may be in the midst of a last-minute global power-grab before handing over the North Korea reins to son and successor Kim Jong-Un.