Normandy Museum to Sell Its D-Day Tanks

The Normandy Tank Museum plans to sell its entire collection of armored vehicles, including some used during the D-Day invasion, at an auction next month. The museum commemorates, among other events, the June 6, 1944, landing of 160,000 Allied troops on France’s northern beaches. They clashed with Axis forces along a 50-mile stretch of the coastline, leading to the fall of Hitler’s reign. The auction, to be held Sept. 18, will also include motorcycles, trucks, aircraft, and other military vehicles. Most of the collection has been restored and is functional. More than 40 armored vehicles will be up for sale with other military keepsakes. “We thought the museum would attract more people,” co-founder Stephane Nerrant said. Nerrant’s father started the collection in the 1980s, and the museum opened in 2013.