No Moratorium on DADT During Review

Army Secretary John McHugh is breaking his word to not discharge troops who inform him that they are gay. In a statement, the secretary said his previous promise regarding a moratorium on dismissals while the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is being reviewed by the Pentagon was “incorrect.” Earlier this week, McHugh had said troops who told him they were gay over private conversations would not be punished, although they would be in violation of the law. In a bit of irony, however, Lt. Robin Chaurasiya told her commander she was a lesbian, but her superior, who claims she told him for the purpose of “avoiding and terminating military service,” is determined to keep her around. The Los Angeles Times spells out the obvious conundrum: “If you admit to being homosexual you can be discharged from the military, but if you admit it for the purposes of being discharged you won’t be.” Chaurisya says her intentions were not to be discharged, but to be “respected for it,” but that doesn’t help solve the military’s decision.