Going Green

N.J. Legalizes Medical Marijuana

New Jersey lawmakers approved the "Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana" bill Monday, making the state the 14th to the allow the drug use as a form of pain reliever. The bill passed in the assembly 48-14, and in the senate 25-13, defeating what sponsors said would be the "toughest battle in the country." The law will prohibit people from growing their own pot, but instead allow them to receive the drug from licensed "alternate treatment centers" after they undergo criminal background checks. "I don’t think we should make criminals out of our very sick and terminally ill," said Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer). "It does not make sense for many of New Jersey’s residents to suffer when there is a viable way to ease their pain." Gov. Jon Corzine will sign the bill before he leaves office Jan. 19.