Newt's Nuclear Novels

It looks like life imitates art for Newt Gingrich. In a speech at the Heritage Foundation this week, he appeared to be blurring fact and fiction. “We are talking about circumstances where you could literally be faced with a catastrophic loss of life,” he said. “And none of this is secret: there are novels about it.” And he’s not kidding: In March, Gingrich wrote a column for FoxNews recommending two novels to President Obama: The Silent Man, by Alex Berenson, and One Second After, by William H. Forstchen. “These are threats that could destroy American freedom as we have known it and possibly even destroy America as an organized productive civilization,” he wrote of the books. “And if President Obama would like to better understand the risks he is guarding America against (the first duty of a president as commander in chief being to protect the country) he would do well to spend a weekend reading these two novels.”