Losing Patience?

Newt Thinks Our Political System Is ‘Stupid’

Newt Gingrich is sick of being the only one open to “big ideas” in the Republican party, or in the country for that matter. The presidential candidate’s tone was a bit scornful as he confirmed that he’s not dropping out of the race anytime soon at a speech outside Chicago Wednesday night. “We are at the edge of such extraordinary opportunities and it is so hard to get this party to understand it,” he said to over 500 Republicans. “And our political system is so methodically and deliberately stupid—and I use that word deliberately, the wilfull avoidance of knowledge—that it’s astonishing.” He clarified, “I want everybody to understand that I am running because I believe we have got to get back to what worked in 1980, what worked in 1984 and what worked in 1994 and 1996, and that is a politics of big ideas.”