Newt: Romney's a Big Liar

That whole “no negative campaigning” was bound to end sometime. One day after Newt Gingrich admitted he is willing to now use negative campaigning, the Republican presidential hopeful said on Tuesday that his chief rival, Mitt Romney, had not been “honest” with the American people. When asked by CBS News if he thought Romney was a liar, Gingrich responded, “Yes.” “I wish Mitt would just level with the American people and be who he really is, and let’s have a debate between a Massachusetts moderate and a real conservative,” Gingrich said. Once leading in the polls, Gingrich has slipped to fourth place in the latest polls in Iowa, whose residents will caucus Tuesday in the first real contest of the 2012 election. Gingrich has blamed his slide on the slew of negative attack ads lobbied against him, which he’s called “Romney-boating.”