Big Deal

Newt, Rick Dismiss Cantor Pick

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum don’t really care that Eric Cantor chose to endorse Mitt Romney over them, because they don’t want to be associated with the Republican establishment anyway. Cantor took to NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday to explain: “Mitt is the only one that knows how to create jobs, and he is the only one that put forward the plan to do that.” Santorum takes issue with this assessment, arguing that “everybody that’s looked at the plans, between my plan and Governor Romney’s, has called his plan ‘timid,’” and that “we don’t need someone who is going to make congressmen feel comfortable. We need someone who will go in there and shake things up and upset people’s equilibrium and get them to think big.” Gingrich also dismissed the Cantor endorsement, saying Romney is the “Washington establishment candidate,” as evidenced by the fact that he’s gone around and “legitimately collected most of the insiders.”