Wacky Ideas

Newt ‘$2.50’ Gingrich Mocks Obama

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich touted his new campaign slogan, “Newt=$2.50,” in front of a ballroom full of supporters in Tennessee Monday evening. The $2.50, of course, refers to the price of gas per gallon Gingrich promises to achieve if elected president. In addition to plugging his own plan, Newt derided President Obama’s initiative to use algae as a source for clean energy. “I think this is a Saturday Night Live skit,” quipped the man who boasts building moon colonies as a serious campaign proposal. “Maybe we should, as an experiment, get some algae and go to a gas station, and you know, sort of the ‘Barack Solution.’ ‘Would you like some algae instead of gasoline?’” he joked. “This is the kind of stuff that’s Cloud Cuckoo Land.”