Two Against One

Newt and Rick May Join Forces

During a radio interview on The Rick & Bubba Show in Alabama, Newt Gingrich reiterated that he will stick with his presidential campaign until the end of the primary process. He also predicted that Mitt Romney won’t earn enough delegates to win, creating a brokered convention, at which point he thinks it would be beneficial for his campaign and Rick Santorum’s to join forces. “There's a certain advantage, I think right now, in having both of us tag-team Romney because neither one of us by ourselves can raise the money to match Romney,” he said. “With Rick and me together, we’re really slowing him down, with some help frankly from Ron Paul.” Though Gingrich does not expect a win in Tuesday’s primaries, he seeks to win a lot of delegates, reminding the show’s listeners that he’s a Southerner like them. “They don’t want to have a Massachusetts moderate when they can have a Georgia conservative,” he said.