News of the World Scandal Went to the Top

As if the Julian Assange conspiracy wasn’t enough for Britain to deal with right now: New files report a coverup at News of the World, one of the country’s largest Sunday newspapers. Lawyers for Sienna Miller and Jude Law allege that the most senior executives at Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper approved hacking the stars’ phones—despite the paper’s claim that the hacking was the result of a “rogue reporter.” According to court documents, the news editor of NoW, Ian Edmondson, instructed reporter Clive Goodman to intercept Miller’s voicemail and the operation also targeted her mother, one of her closest friends, Law (her boyfriend at the time), and Law’s assistant. These documents directly contradict the account given by former NoW editor Andy Coulson, who is now chief media adviser to David Cameron. They also shed a harsh light on Scotland Yard, which didn’t inform Miller and other targets of the evidence.