Dead Trees

New York Times' Survival Strategy

With a Time magazine cover story about saving newspapers and The Atlantic’s declaration that The New York Times’ print edition may be dead in May, it’s understandable that the Gray Lady feels like its eulogy is being written. Today, the paper responded by writing about its own fate, echoing executive editor Bill Keller's “We will survive” mantra. The Times argues that it’s not saddled with the same debt that damaged Knight Ridder and the Tribune Company, and it is trying to take advantage of all its competitors' cutbacks. The paper plans to be one of the few remaining daily news organizations in existence once the dust settles from the "new media" revolution. Still, there are plenty of signs that the Times has not yet weathered the storm: it just took a large loan from a Mexican billionaire; it's selling a portion of its new building; and revenue from its Web site has levelled off.