New York City Man Shatters Lingerie Store Window, Carries Out Barack Obama Mannequin

A New York City man broke the window of a lingerie store last month and dragged out a mannequin of former President Barack Obama that was on display. The man walked by the store, Romantic Depot, then stopped and paced in front of the window, according to security footage. The store had a display featuring Obama dressed as a prince, and President Trump dressed as a princess wearing a Make America Great Again hat, said Glen Buzzetti, the owner of Romantic Depot. The man picked up a brick from a nearby construction site and smashed the window, then yanked out the Obama mannequin and threw it to the ground. He left the Trump statue standing. Shocked store staff who witnessed the attack reportedly raced out of the shop, and one worker followed the man down the block. “One of the people on our security team, a smaller guy, was able to catch him and held him for the police,” Buzzetti said. According to Buzzetti, the man spewed hateful rhetoric about the 44th president after he was caught. “He definitely was a Trump supporter who was very angry with Obama’s policies, and he kept on repeating it after he was caught that he hated Obama and Obama ruined the country,” Buzzetti said.