New Site for Smart Women

Slate launched today a new women’s website, doubleX. What’s there to see? Linda Hirschman paints a target on rival women’s website, Jezebel, arguing “Given the high level of risk the Jezebel life involves, it is surprising that the offense that arouses the liberated Jezebels to real political fury is the suggestion that women like them might be made responsible for the consequences of their own acts, or that there might be general standards that define basic feminist behavior. … Doing what feels good to you is the only standard that is allowed.” Christine Rosen, diagnosing the problems with contemporary feminism, writes “If, as Joan Didion noted of the women’s movement in 1972, ‘to make an omelette you need not only those broken eggs but someone “oppressed” to break them,’ today you need the women who spend their days buying organic eggs from Whole Foods and mommy-blogging about the frittatas they made for their kids to question seriously their life choices.”