New Rum Campaign Offends

"Wanna look amazing this summer?" asks an Israeli ad for Bacardi Breezer. Well, yeah, we do. But how? "Get your hands on the hotness-boosting accessory now: An ugly girlfriend!" Um, what? Bacardi, through a Tel Aviv ad agency, has launched a campaign offering consumers four different "ugly girlfriends" to increase your comparative hotness: ugly girlfriend for the beach ("Sally—97 kilograms of femininity, strength, and double chins"), for the mall ("Lucy's rubbing thighs, magically combined with a sticking out jaw and drooping breasts will turn any trip to the mall into an unforgettable experience"), for a pool party and for a barbecue. The strangest part of these ads: they're directed towards women. We've got a sense of humor just like the next gal, but this joke is totally lost on us.