King of Pop

New Photos of Neverland Ranch

Harry Benson went where few people have gone before—Michael Jackson's bedroom. Through their decade-and-half-long professional relationship, Benson captured the King of Pop on camera not only at the infamous Neverland Ranch, but also during his legendary Victory tour and the all-night "We Are the World" recording session. That night, Benson recalled Prince phoning Quincy Jones and wondering if he should join in. Jackson reportedly said, "Prince will never come while I am here." At other times, Benson literally gave Jackson the shirt off his back—actually, three tweed jackets the artist had admired. Though he's not wearing them in any of the four images Benson just unearthed, Jackson does don his ubiquitous black fedora while playing the piano, gazing at some bedazzled memorabilia, and playing with his pet chimp, Bubbles.