New Marie Claire Show to Debut

The fashion reality TV show typhoon did not end with Stylista or the second season of the Rachel Zoe Project. Beginning March 1, yet another fashion-centric series will hit the tube—Running in Heels; this time around it's interns vying for supremacy at Marie Claire that are vying for the spotlight (and a salary). In the very first episode, "Samantha, a young intern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, nearly has a meltdown when she is sent to fetch a dress from a designer's showroom. Complaining of bloody ankles caused by, well, running in heels, she sobs to an unsympathetic taxi driver, "This is incredibly important, sir." This dress has people to see," says the New York Times. As if you needed any more proof that the glamorous fashion editrix-in-training has become a lowly, lifeless Hollywood cliché