New Jersey Diners Leave We ‘Don't Tip Immigrants’ Note For Spanish-Speaking Waitress

A couple reportedly left a cruel note saying “Don't tip immigrants!” for a waitress in a New Jersey cafe after they overheard her speaking Spanish to a colleague. The waitress, who was born in the United States, found the note scrawled in big black letters on the back of the couple's bill for a piece of cake. Owner of the Under The Moon cafe, Santiago Orosco, blasted the “cowardly move” from the couple, saying: “There’s no home in my restaurant for hatred, bigotry, racism, homophobia, discrimination. If anyone feels the same way, don’t come back.” Orosco believes the couple overheard the waitress, whose family emigrated from Uruguay over 30 years ago, speaking Spanish to a coworker. Orosco added: “My place is supposed to be a loving, cozy restaurant, and my family and I worked our asses off to get what we have today. We don’t need that hatred here.”