New Hampshire Lawmakers: ‘Red Pill’ Creator Should Resign

The governor of New Hampshire and legislative colleagues of Robert Fisher called on the 31-year-old Republican state representative to step down late Tuesday, on the day that he was revealed by The Daily Beast as the apparent founder of The Red Pill, a Reddit forum infamous for advocating pickup-artist techniques, men’s rights, and defending rape. In a statement, House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff called the postings written by Fisher “beyond reprehensible” and said they had “absolutely no place in civilized discourse.” The House’s Republican speaker, Shawn Jasper, said that while not illegal, the Fisher comments were “extremely troubling.” “I would hope that voters in his district would do the right thing and not return him to Concord, but in the meantime, he should realize that he’s really put the New Hampshire House in an awful light,” Jasper told the Union Leader. “The only decent thing he could do now would be to resign.”

Separately, Fisher told the Union Leader that he had been misquoted (but declined to show how) and later issued an emailed statement: “In my early twenties I went through some very uncomfortable experiences that I do not wish to detail publicly, except to say that false rape accusations became a very real concern of mine. I know it’s not something most people think about but I lived through a nightmare situation. That sort of experience wasn’t easy for me, it brought me to a very low place in my life. It was only natural for me to try to seek out support. I have since come out the other side much stronger and smarter, and am glad that I’m in a position in Concord that can help others who have suffered.” He added: “I am not disappearing. I will continue to stand strong for men’s rights and the rights of all, and I intend on introducing new legislation in 2018 to push back in the NH courts and finally bring relief for NH parents and citizens who face these very real but under-reported issues.” Fisher declined repeated requests by The Daily Beast for comment. His profiles were erased shortly after the requests were made.

Gov. Chris Sununu joined the chorus of officials calling for Fisher’s resignation, saying on Wednsday: “Representative Fisher's comments are horrendous and repulsive and his resignation is certainly in order.”