Nerds' Conundrum: Apple or Google?

Ah, the eternal geek rivalries: Superman vs. the Hulk, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and now, Apple vs. Google. When Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepped down from Apple’s board, Steve Jobs sent out a pointed statement about Google “entering more of Apple’s core businesses.” Apple has been clamping down on the applications it allows on its ubiquitous iPhone. The company recently prohibited the Google Voice app, much to the horror of techies, who are eager to take advantage of the service that offers one phone number for all your phones, along with free text messaging and cheap international calls. The blogs were alight with outrage. Tech Crunch’s founder, Michael Arrington, wrote "I am no longer a member of the cult of iPhone," after making the switch to Google Voice. Former Netscape GM Jason Calacanis took the time to lay out "The Case Against Apple in Five Parts," a lengthy treatise on everything wrong with iLife. Even the SEC has gotten in on the action, sending letters to Apple, Google, and AT&T regarding illegal collusion.