Neighbors Say Golfer 'Snored'

After Kimberly Harris noticed headlights shining into her home the morning of Tiger Woods' accident, she and brother Jarius Adams rushed to the scene to find the pro golfer with wife Elin Nordegren by his side. In an interview with Florida police, Adams was asked if Woods was unconscious after the crash. "At that point, he was, uh, he was snoring," he said. "He was snoring?" the investigator asked. "He was actually snoring," Adams said. Nordegren appeared in “shock,” and asked Adams to help her, she said. They covered Woods with a blanket and put pillows under his head as they waited for the ambulance, and Adams said she did not smell alcohol on his breath. Radar Online reports alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel told friends that she and Woods did drugs, specifically the sleeping pill Ambien, before having sex.