Neighbors: N.C. Shooter Threatened Us

Craig Stephen Hicks, the self-described “gun toting” atheist who is accused of killing three Muslim college students, apparently had a history of conflicts with neighbors over parking spaces. Imad Ahmad, a neighbor who lived for a time in the same condominium as slain students Deah Shaddy Barakat and his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, said Hicks complained about once a month that Ahmad and Barakat parked in both visitors’ spaces and their assigned spot. “He would come over to the door, knock on the door and then have a gun on his hip saying, ‘You guys need to not park here,’” said Ahmad, adding that property managers did not intervene and advised us “to call the police if the guy came and harassed us again.” A lawyer for Hicks’s soon-to-be ex-wife said, “This man was frustrated day in and day out about not being able to park where he wanted to.”