Nazis Sheltered by U.S. Post-WW II

A newly released report from the U.S. Justice Department reveals that the U.S. government, specifically the Central Intelligence Agency, knowingly sheltered and aided Nazis after the end of World War II. “America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became—in some small measure—a safe haven for persecutors as well,” the report says. The fascinating 600-page report has been kept under wraps for years. In 1999, a senior Justice Department official persuaded then-Attorney General Janet Reno to undertake a study of the history. When the report was completed in 2006, the same official pushed for its public release but was denied. The U.S. Justice Department has sternly resisted exposing the report ever since, and when it finally did, turned over a highly redacted version. “A complete version was obtained by The New York Times,” the paper reports.