NATO Protest Becomes Violent

With masks over their faces and Molotov cocktails in hand, protesters set fire to a Strasbourg bridge that links France to Germany today--the same bridge President Obama and NATO leaders used for a symbolic photo op this morning. Protests at the NATO summit have grown so unruly that a visit to a cancer hospital planned for Michelle Obama and other first spouses was cancelled due to safety concerns. 15,000 police and troops from France and Germany are patrolling the city; 1000 protesters are estimated to be there. Nonetheless, one group stormed hotel and stole alcohol before setting the building on fire. Police are using water cannons to dispel unruly protesters and to put out fires. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that protesters are already on the streets of Turkey, where Obama will arrive on Sunday. Obama will land in Ankara, where anti-U.S. and anti-NATO alike have already begun to chant: "Obama go home! We don't want you! Yankee go home!"