NATO Missiles Strike Gaddafi Bunker

Two NATO missiles seem to have struck a little close to home for Col. Muammar Gaddafi, rupturing what appears to be an underground bunker in Tripoli. Reporters were taken to an unpaved plot next to the Libyan leader's Bab Aziziyeh compound and shown two craters that revealed what appeared to be an underground bunker network. Libyan officials said the lot served as a parking lot. NATO strikes seemed to meet with success on the other side of the country as well, where a rebel commander said airstrikes destroyed more than two dozen trucks and cars carrying Gaddafi's forces near the city of Ajdabiya. In Misrata, good news seemed to be on the horizon as a senior government official said the military is pulling back from the rebel-held city that has been under siege by Gaddafi's forces for nearly two months. However, the official, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, said government troops would be making way for tribesmen who would take up the fight against the rebels, which would make it harder for NATO planes and drones to distinguish rebels from pro-Gaddafi forces. He did not say when government troops would withdraw.