Naomi Wolf Recounts Her Arrest

Naomi Wolf, the feminist activist and author of The Beauty Myth, found herself in the middle of an Occupy Wall Street protest last night and ended up getting arrested—in her ball gown. Wolf was on her way to a Huffington Post event in New York when she encountered a crowd of 200 protesters. Police said the event coordinators had a permit that banned people from demonstrating on the sidewalk, but when Wolf said no such permit exists and tried to lead a march back to the event side of the street, she was cuffed and taken to jail. But she wasn’t taken to the First Precinct, where police told protesters and lawyers they’d be going—she was taken to the Seventh. “I understood later that the protesters were lied to about our whereabouts, which seemed to me to be a trickle-down of the Bush-era detention practice of unaccountable detentions,” she writes.