N. Korea Set to Try Journalists

First North Korea tested another nuke, then, perhaps as a way to show they're not completely nuts, allowed one of the U.S. journalists detained in Pyongyang to phone home. The journalist, Laura Ling (who is the sister of Lisa Ling, formerly of The View), was detained along with another woman while committing "hostile acts" on the wrong side of the China-North Korea border. The pair face as much as 10 years in the dreaded labor camps of North Korea. The Washington Post reports that allowing the phone call is a signal that Kim Jong Il may use the case of the journalists as a negotiating chip to pull his country away from the brink of war--a tactic often used by the reckless, oppressive nation. "Because the American reporters can be used as the trigger for bilateral dialogue with the United States, the North is not likely to mistreat them," an expert said. But how long will the global community follow the same pattern that allows North Korea to continue its erratic behavior?