My BFF Is a Monkey

In the wake of the chimp attack in Connecticut last week, sharing one's abode with a primate may make the neighbors nervous. But don't tell that to monkey lovers who think haters just don't understand the companionship between monkey and man. For instance, The New York Times profiles a 7-year-old baboon named Higgins who enjoys watching Walker, Texas Ranger on HDTV with his owner, Bob. Tragically, the sizeable beast has become unpredictable in adulthood and must remain in a heated house after nearly killing Bob in a fit of savage rage. Another Texas couple has built a 500-square foot play-pen for their six capuchin monkeys, which often challenge the family hierarchy. All the owners interviewed make similar comments: Simian companionship is second to none, but nevertheless, the beloved pets are prone to murderous rampages that test the limits of affection.